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American Gods Season 2 Will Get to the House on the Rocks Scene

By Fred Topel

American Gods Season 2 Will Get to the House on the Rocks Scene

For fans of Neil Gaiman’s book, the first season of Starz’s American Gods was full of surprises. Seeing Mad Sweeney (Pablo Schreiber) live and hook up with Laura Moon (Emily Browning) probably wasn’t half as surprising as the fact that season one never even got to the pivotal House on the Rocks scene. In the book, this was where the gods let Shadow (Ricky Whittle) into their realm. The show runners promise season two will get there.

“It picks up where you least expect and exactly where you think,” Michael Green said cryptically in an interview for Blade Runner 2049.

Pressed for more specifics, Green opened up. Namely, come on, man, you’ve got to get to the House on the Rocks already. Maybe be careful what you wish for. What was one chapter of Gaiman could become several hour long episodes.

“We are going to spend a good amount of time of season two at House on the Rock and then we’re going to move past House on the Rock,” Green said. “If the first season did the first, say, 150 pages of the book, we know where we’re ending the second season but I don’t want to say yet. I don’t want to tell you exactly what chapter but we’ll be plotting ahead another 100+ pages.”

Green runs American Gods with Bryan Fuller. Now that Starz has given them a second season, they’ve started thinking end game. It’ll take a few years, but eventually they can only stretch 560 pages so far. Although that hasn’t stopped Game of Thrones.

“We imagine this show going four or five seasons, is the current thinking,” Green said. “There are conversations we have where it’s five, four and six. We have our plan and I don’t like to commit to it because, as with anything else, if we change our minds, we don’t want to have been wrong.”

Readers may already be suspicious of certain characters based on the book, but since they’ve already shown new developments for Sweeney, Laura and others, anything is possible. 

“Whether we’re doing something that’s very fidelitous to the book or something that takes some liberties with the book or even just bends moments a little bit sideways to create surprise, I don’t want to take that away [from viewers],” Green said. “I can’t tell people what’s going to happen in season five. It would be unwise for me to tell you our plans for season five.”

American Gods returns in 2018.

Images: Starz

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