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Yoni Limor


Yoni Limor

Yoni Limor is an Illustrator specializing in Comic Book Art, Children's Book Illustrations, and Storyboards. His clients include: Buzzfeed Motion Pictures, DreamworksTV, and Creature Feature Inc.

In 2014, Yoni founded Pencil Ink Comics with his brother, Danny, as a way to create cutting edge comics with the new generation of comic readers in mind. But at the heart of their endeavor, it was their passion for collaboration as brothers.  Feeding off each others strengths, and making up for each others weaknesses. The Pencil Ink Universe began with the release of Issue #1 for the first 2 tentpole titles: Sheldon The Librarian and Neutron City Comix. Yoni is the creator of Sheldon The Librarian, an action/fantasy about a Little Person on a BIG Adventure. Stop by his table to check out his comics, movie posters, original art and more!

Yoni lives in Nashville, TN with his wife, son, and Kermit the Dog."

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