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Xenogenic Comics

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Xenogenic Comics

A.R. Easterling and K.P. Wing, the creators of Facade, bring you... A.R. Easterling and K.P. Wing! Ta-Da! The duo like long walks on the beach, ice cream, and... OH RIGHT!

A.R. Easterling (a.k.a. Conbon100101) is the artistic talent of the team. With a BFA from Eastern Michigan University, he spends his days working as a graphic designer and officer manager of a local print shop. And yet he somehow still finds the time in the rest of his day to run not one, but THREE webcomics! Facade, Sinfully Yours, and Aerodynamic.

K.P. Wing on the other hand, has the art skills of a dying slug. Instead, he focuses his talents into the writing, design, and development of the world of Facade (with the loving input and approval of A.R. of course). He also acts as a sounding board when A.R. needs new art ideas, and works hard to keep him calm and collected when he realizes that people actually recognize his artwork. And since K.P. spends his nights working at the hospital, it is only fitting that he is often the one to care for A.R. and remind him when it's time to stop drawing and go to sleep!

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