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Willowroot Wands

Willowroot Wands

Kim Kelley, the owner has been an integral part of Willowroot Wands from the beginning, inspiring and collaborating with original artist Abby Willowroot. Made in the USA, here in northern California. Each Magic Wand is a well crafted Metaphysical Tool of Transformation. Each Wand is blessed and smudged with Sage after it is created. All our Magic Wands made of the finest 100% Lead-Free Pewter, with a 5% pure Silver content, for conductivity, strength and beauty.

We are very proud of the Magic Wands we create. Each Wand is designed to last for many years of regular use and maintain its strength, beauty and energy.

Our American Crafts folk who cast and hand polish Willowroot Magic Wands do so with careful craftsmanship, pride and positive energy. Each one is made from the finest materials with positive intent.

All of our products contain everything that a fine metaphysical tool deserves, more importantly, everything that YOU deserve!

Magic Wands of Wonder Magic Wands of True Delight Magic Wands to Happily Channel The Universe's Magic, Secrets & Light

Magic Wands for Spells Magic Wands of Power & Grace Magic Wands that are Truly Powerful Your Magical Spirit & Heart will Embrace

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