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Wayward Apple Gifts


Wayward Apple Gifts

My husband and I have been doing craft fairs for years. We loved making things you couldn't buy in stores and watching someone's face light up when they would pick up our stuff. Sometimes you could just tell that they had found that perfect gift. And of course, we saw the same thing happening at other booths as well.

So, one day over a plate of nachos, we decided we wanted to create a place where that excitement of discovery could occur every day.  Hence, the birth of Wayward Apple Gifts.

We  like to think the one thing that makes our store special is you can come in and find something that will not only appeal to grandma and grandpa and mom and dad, but many of our vendors have a strong geeky/ nerdy side. So, we have a lot of gifts that have a geeky/ nerdy/ pop culture slant. See something for everyone. Even your cats and dogs.

Come on in and check us out. I promise  you will smile or laugh at least once before you leave. I mean... how could you not?

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