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Unshaven Comics

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Unshaven Comics

Unshaven Comics is a Chicago-based studio amassing lifelong friends Matt Wright (penciler, inker, craft-beer-drinker), Marc Alan Fishman (digital artist, wordsmith, and insomniac) , and Kyle Gnepper (writer, and sell-o-tron 5000). Publishing under their nom de plume of the same name, the Unshaven lads have been producing original comic books and graphic novels since 2008 — starting with their first title, "The March: Crossing Bridges in America". Unshaven Comics has often sought to hone their craft and cut their teeth in as many genres as possible. Following "The March", the bearded ne'er-do-wells ventured forward with an anthology series, "Disposable Razors", which explored horror, super heroics, and Saturday morning cartoon homage. And it was in that homage that Unshavens found their calling. "The Samurnauts" has been the calling card of Unshaven Comics since 2011 — telling the tale of an Immortal Kung Fu Monkey leading his Samurai Astronauts in adventures battling transforming demon dinosaurs and zombie-cyborg space pirates all throughout time! In 2018, the lads unveiled the collected edition of "The Samurnauts: Curse of the Dreadnuts" to the acclaim of their fans around the world. OK, their fans throughout the Midwest, and pockets of geekery in New York, Baltimore, Atlanta, Denver, and a ton of great towns in between. When they're not making comics, the lads like to be dads in their secret (but still hip!) hideouts (their suburban homes).

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