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Twin Cities Ghostbusters - Ecto-1D


Twin Cities Ghostbusters - Ecto-1D

The ECTO-1D is the main ghost-clobbering tool of the Twin Cities Ghostbusters. This 1963 Cadillac Superior ambulance has been built to be as close to a screen accurate replica of the original ECTO-1 as possible. It features emergency lights, a loud speaker, a roll out proton pack rack, and more. If you see this car rolling down your street, you'll know there's something strange in your neighborhood!

The Twin Cities Ghostbusters are also the creators of the fan web series: Ghostbustin' 911. The series follows a team of Ghostbusters as they go about their workday in the Twin Cities, busting ghosts and getting into trouble. The show is a send up of COPS, similar to Reno 911. Catch both of our cars, the ECTO-1C and the ECTO-1D, throughout the series. Check it out at, and remember...we're ready to believe you!

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