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Top Mouse Comics

Top Mouse Comics

Joseph Cisneros is a comic book creator and illustrator. A self-taught artist who has had many people help, guide him and show him techniques and styles to help shape him as an independent artist. Having been a life-long fan of comics, manga and cartoons has influenced his art-work. He uses a combination of traditional drawing on art boards and finishing the colors digitally.

Joseph has been working on self-publishing comics for the last 8 years and has managed to work on several independent books. One of his self-published books, Bandana Avenger and Friends, is his main project. It is a collection of kid friendly stories with pop culture references. He has also worked on ads and other freelance materials.

Currently, he is working on expanding his portfolio with more comic art all while learning new techniques and styles to help him create more work. Joseph draws and works every day to improve and get more exposure on his craft.

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