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TJ Sterling

TJ Sterling

TJ Sterling was born January 22nd, 1983 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. At an early age he displayed a very keen and almost prodigious talent for art. In the late 1980’s Tj began to take a serious interest in drawing comic books and superheroes. He frequented numerous local comic shops where he began collect his first set of comics which would eventually inspire his signature 90’s comic style.

Over the years Tj continued to hone his artistic ability by taking numerous art classes during school and summer periods. In 2001 he moved from Michigan to New York to attend art college. During college he worked for Marvel Entertainment in New York City in it’s famous Bullpen.

After graduating college, working at Marvel and doing some cover work for Dark Horse Comics, Tj started his own comic book company..RAE Comics. The first comic book produced by Tj and his team of professional artisans was “Okemus”. Tj debuted Okemus issue 0 at San Diego Comic Con 2015 and sold out his first print run. He then would go onto sell out his second print run at New York Comic Con 2015. Currently Okemus is on the shelves of 10 different comic shops across the nation and has been a fan favorite for the past 5 years.

Tj looks forward to bringing his new and innovative graphic novels Okemus Issues 0-3 to Wizard World Philly.

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