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Thomas A. Tenney

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Thomas A. Tenney

Thomas A. Tenney is a comic book and rock artist originally from New Jersey who relocated to Texas in the 1980s. In his mid teens, while doing art and designs for a rock band he was in, Tenney would do a portrait for then-sitting President Ronald Reagan, who would write Tenney an inspiring letter, starting him down the path to an artistic career. A few years later, Tenney would meet legendary Marvel Comics inker Terry Austin, who pointed him in the direction of comic art.

Tenney started doing covers and art portfolios before landing penciling assignments for ROBOTECH: THE NEW GENERATION and DANA’S STORY for Comico. Once the Robotech series ended, Tenney moved on as series penciler on THE TERMINATOR for NOW comics. After a meeting and some mentoring from comic legend Gene Colan, Tenney would join Marvel and DC Comics. Tenney worked on IRON MAN and WEST COAST AVENGERS, was the series penciler on FORCE WORKS. He did double duty at DC Comics, penciling L.E.G.I.O.N., DC SHOWCASE, and designing a new Fate character. 

Tenney soon jumped aboard Image Comics, pencilling YOUNGBLOOD STRIKEFILE and THE CHAPEL limited series. He would return to Marvel to pencil an AC/DC comic that led him to work with the iconic band. Tenney eventually took a hiatus from comic art in the early 2000's to go back to his first passion of rock music art where he co-founded 2 music companies to help out independent artists. Recently, Tenney has returned to his comic roots as founder of Kaiju Arts and working on the projects Dinolicious and Bella Dangerous as well as John Carpenter’s THE THING art book.

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