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The Scariest Things Podcast

The Scariest Things Podcast
The Scariest Things is your gateway to the tropes and trends of the horror genre!

We have entered a golden age of horror movies, as movie production houses have been theatrically releasing entertaining and well-crafted films that are earning critical praise and big box-office profits. The Scariest Things Podcast is created by fans, for horror fans… which is a euphemism for “We’re not professional film critics.” However, we have a collective love of horror, and we’ve seen the whole run that horror has to offer, each of us with our own sub-genre preferences.

We will be celebrating the creativity of scary, and crushing the clichés. We will be reviewing the latest, greatest, and grossest of the new releases, predicting what horror treasures are coming, and diving back through the horror archives to find films that you might have missed. Whether it’s zombies, ghosts, cannibals, or kids we help you figure out where to start with list upon list upon list of scary movies... and things that go bump in the night.

If you are checking the Scariest Things Podcast, you are probably a horror fan already, and we would love for you to share with us your thoughts with us. We wanted to create a forum and resource for the horror aficionados looking to validate their love of the genre with like-minded fans. If you are just getting into the genre, The Scariest Things Podcast can be your gateway to exploring scary movies. This is a deep dark hole, and once you dive into it, we’ll be right there with you, screaming the whole way down! So, read our reviews, listen to our podcast, and send us a list of your own. And then, to reference the granddaddy of all horror films you will be “...Gooble Gobble, One of Us! One of Us!”

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