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The Real Oklahoma Ghostbusters & Ecto 1E

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The Real Oklahoma Ghostbusters & Ecto 1E

The Real Oklahoma Ghostbusters features a group of individuals that excel in the fields of science, fabrication, engineering and of course, the paranormal. The group has been serving the N.E. Oklahoma area and surrounding communities for over a decade now.  Beginning in 2005, The Real Oklahoma Ghostbusters sought out to investigate, study, and ultimately understand the world of the paranormal.  The Real Oklahoma Ghostbusters is a franchise division of the New York based company, “Ghostbusters” which was started by Dr. Ray Stantz and Dr. Egon Spengler in 1984. Their service which practiced professional paranormal investigations and eliminations, paved the way for local franchise outlets such as ours. The Real Oklahoma Ghostbusters utilize their methods in entrapment, containment, and ultimately, the eradication of paranormal activity around the N.E. Oklahoma area.   Following design plans for identical Ghostbusting gear and equipment supplied by Dr. Ray Stantz, The Real Oklahoma Ghostbusters can be seen traveling the state in their trademark Ecto 1E flagship, as well as their Ecto S1 support vehicle taking care of the supernatural elimination needs throughout N.E. Oklahoma.

In reality, The Real Oklahoma Ghostbusters is a fan-based-group of enthusiasts, designers, and artists that collectively bring their talents to those in need of their services. The Real Oklahoma Ghostbusters began as a non-profit organization focusing on charity based events and live public  performances that are used to bring awareness, enjoyment, and to many… some much needed smiles and positive emotions. The group uses their passions and creative drive to help those in need of their services. Whether it be a local business fund raiser, a charitable cause such as a Cancer Sucks event, or even to some local families that need that uplifting spirit brought to them and their children… the team is there!! In addition, The Real Oklahoma Ghostbusters are proud to be a part of the Sony based company, “GhostCorps” which joins the many different chapters and franchise Ghostbuster groups together in times of need. We at The Real Oklahoma Ghostbusters are happy and proud to be a part of such a large community of Ghostbusters across the country and look forward to helping and assisting those in need. WE ARE READY TO BELIEVE YOU!! 

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