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The Mascot Organization

The Mascot Organization is providing the kid's activity area and working with local "volunteer" cosplay groups (like Ohio turtle fan and others) to provide characters. We need to be very careful *not* to say "Mascot org is providing characters for kids to meet and greet" Since does work with all the major entertainment companies we have to be very careful about how this is worded to not get their legal departments in an uproar. XYZ cosplay group is providing the characters mascot org is only providing the environment and changing facility for them.

The Mascot Organization was founded in 2003 by a group of mascot performers who wanted to connect mascot talent with companies that needed them. Over the years has become a full-blown mascot event company that now, not only, provides mascot talent but costume management, Mascot events and mascot environments at trade shows and festivals.

The Mascot Organization is providing the children's activity environment for Wizard World Columbus where young comic fans will get to experience comic themed video games on 10-foot video screens, color their own comic and meet and take pictures with invited professional volunteer cosplayers dressed as their favorite comic book characters.

Upcoming Shows for The Mascot Organization