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The Comic Shadow

The Comic Shadow

We are Brooke Rivers and Richard Jennings and we are the owners of The Comic Shadow.

Our main product is comic book cover art that has a 3D dimension displayed within a shadow box which measure 11 x 14.  Using some of the key features, we cut and lift the pictures giving it dimension.  Please note that we also produce similar artwork with video game covers within a smaller frame of 8 x 10.  We also produce 11 x 17 poster art in the same way and these are placed in a 14 x 18 shadow box. All artwork is framed in a shadow box to show off the 3D look and is ready to hang. It truly gives the art dimension.  We also have some specialized pieces that range from 16 x 20 to 18 x 24.

Another item that we sell is coasters.  These are made by taking images from the pages of comic books which are then adhered onto ceramic tiles. Finally the tiles are sealed with resin making them water proof. We use 4 inch square ceramic white tiles for our coasters.

We also produce and sell Sketch Books that contain a comic book art cover and back.

Upcoming Shows for The Comic Shadow