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TMJ Art - Tammy Megow-Jones

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TMJ Art - Tammy Megow-Jones

Tammy is an aspiring artist with a love for pop culture and great storytelling. Growing up she watched shows like Start Trek: TNG, X-Files and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Telling herself that you can’t make a living doing art, she stopped drawing after high school and pursued a more traditional career path, serving as a police officer, federal agent and a U.S. Marine. In 2015, she decided to take the plunge and start drawing again after 18 years. She jumped into the convention scene with some Funko inspired fan art and is currently adding some pop culture inspired fine art to her portfolio. She is a part-time student at the Academy of Art (online) working towards a Master of Fine Art in Illustration with a comics emphasis. She is working on her own comic project and hopes to publish it in the near future.

In her spare time (which is not much between work, school and conventions), she likes to spend time with her awesome husband and read good books – especially mysteries. Her interests include martial arts, philosophy, and listening to film and television scores.

You can see her work here:

She is taking a limited number of pre-show commission requests to include blank sketch covers. E-mail her at to make a request/or ask what covers are available. 

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