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Sydabee Cosplay

Sydabee Cosplay

Sydabee is a 28 year old nerd born and raised in Portland, Oregon and has been cosplaying since 2005. Cosplay quickly morphed into her greatest passion because it combines all of her other hobbies together: gaming, comics, horror, anime, crafting, painting, makeup, and modeling. While she keeps busy with her day job, being a mom, and a wife, she spends the little free time she has on creating new cosplay content every month. "Painting, drawing, and crafting have all been a huge part of my life since before I can remember. I was the artsy-fartsy weird kid doodling on everything and putting on weird outfit combinations to reenact scenes from my favorite childhood movies and shows. I absolutely LOVE cosplay, crafting, painting, makeup, etc. and I find myself at my happiest when creating." This will be her first official convention as a guest and she couldn't be more excited!


Official Cosplay Guest

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