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Super Sonic Speed Dating

Super Sonic Speed Dating

Have you been hunting for your Princess Peach in all the wrong castles? Looking for your dream Vulcan, but they’re in another universe? In need of a Dragon ball hunting partner? Looking for someone to be on the Pokemon Go with? Whatever it is you’re looking for, you can stop swiping left and find your Smizmar at Super Sonic Speed Dating! Let us help you find a date in a flash! Super Sonic Speed Dating is owned by cosplayers Zabracus and Ekalb the Elf

Room 386 / 387


Friday: 7:00 PM hetero

Saturday: 12:00 PM lgbtqia+ 2:00 PM hetero 4:00 PM hetero 6:00 PM hetero

Sunday: 11:00 AM lgbtqia+ 1:00 PM hetero 3:00 PM hetero

Upcoming Shows for Super Sonic Speed Dating

Rocket Fuel