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Emmy-nominated Animation Producer Jonathan Hallett is a Professional Storyboard Artist and Concept Artist for the Film, Television and Video Game industries. 

His most recent successful film "Hereditary", has been called one of the best Horror films in decades. Jonathan's work on "Action Point" for Johnny Knoxville also came out this summer. He received an Emmy Nomination for his animation work on "The Aquabats Supershow!"

Having always been passionate about visual storytelling and comic book illustrations, he sought and received instruction from neighbor and industry great Dan Fausett who taught him at the very early age of 16 the ways of storyboarding, shot set ups, timing, character design and more. 

Since then, Jonathan has gone on to provide his abilities to over 40 Feature Films, several animation projects and about 50+ commercials.

He is now the Executive Creative Director at Revity Animation Studios - that specializes in turning comic books into animated tv shows. See to learn more about their services including digital marketing!

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