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Steven Ahola

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Steven Ahola

Graduate of Sheridan's famed Classical Animation program in 1998, Steven has worked with well regarded companies such as Walt Disney Animation (Beauty and the Beast: Enchanted Christmas), Nelvana (Cardcaptors, Franklin the Turtle, Redwall, etc.) and the National Film Board of Canada (the Sandwich).

In 2001, Steven founded Aholattafun in his hometown of Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, offering a wide array of creative, print and online services to companies (i.e. S.C. Johnson, Canadian Tire, etc.), while still tapping into his creative background with the launch of the Plaque Patrol Kids Club and publishing of the Plaque X comic book in 2003.

With Aholattafun continuing to grow, in 2008, Steven co-founded Uber Riff Films with Scott Clevely and David Hopkins on and wrote, directed and co-producted three short films (Life Sucks, Get a Helmet, Agoraphobe&Hope) that successfully gained entry to such film festivals as Toronto Independent, Okanagan International, Hamilton, etc.). In 2012, AholattafunLtd. evolved from a service-based company, into including a CMS product offering, along with a name change, Codesyne Inc.

With the launch of Codesyne’s Module Blocks online software solution, built specifically for artists called ‘MBartist’. In 2018 Steven has returned to his creative roots with featuring his previous work (#thisismychildhood) as a showcase of the products capabilities and is currently touring comic-cons across NorthAmerica.

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