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Smolder Cosplay

Smolder Cosplay

Sean Rhoades is a cosplay entertainer. Originally from Akron Ohio, Sean Rhoades now resides in Phoenix Arizona. Sean has been "cause/cosplaying" since 2011 but has been costuming and performing since childhood. Sean's cosplays span from all over pop culture. His cosplay name, Smolder Cosplay, comes from one of his favorite early cosplays of Flynn Rider from the Disney movie Tangled. When Sean isn't in costume he enjoys hobbies like camping, hiking, and playing guitar.

Sean has used his professional talents for charity, WB movie promotions, stage shows, and party
entertainment. Sean’s wants to use cosplay to inspire others to forget their inhibitions and become their favorite characters. He believes cosplay can be very liberating, and a great confidence builder for everybody regardless of age, gender, race, or ability. His goal being a cosplay guest at conventions is to meet as many fans as he can to inspire and encourage them to find their passions in life and pursue them.
Instagram: @smoldercosplay


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