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Shelbi Webb - Sugar Glider Comic

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Shelbi Webb - Sugar Glider Comic

Shebi Webb is 13 years old and resides in a small Utah community. Though she is young, Shelbi has experienced bullying, mental illness, addiction and suicide through many acquaintances. Because of this, she wanted to make a difference and help young adolescents struggling with similar challenges. As one of the youngest authors in the world; Shelbi has gone national with this particular project. She is an ambassador with two organizations and will be travelling the U.S. with her message. Shelbi has produced a comic book with a cause… Sugar Glider.

Sugar Glider is a comic about a 16-year-old high school girl. She is a track and field star and adrenaline junkie from a Southern California beach community.

A meteor shower effected some of the teens in the community. Jordyn, aka Sugar Glider, was camping in the mountains and fell into a crater where a meteor crashed to earth. When she awoke, she had gained super speed, agility, healing and an enlarged empathy.

Utilizing her wing suit from BASE jumping, her best friend Edgar helps her learn to run and at the right moment, unfurl compact wings that converts her momentum into gliding thrust to fly.

Jordyn found that other kids from her school were effected in various ways by the meteor shower. Antagonists in the comic will be personifications of challenges facing teens today. Challenges such as self-image, bullying, suicide, mental illness, peer pressure and many others.

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