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Shawn Steven Myles, also known by Shawnime of Shawnime Studio Shawnime LLC, is an independent animator and comic book artist and creator of the award winning Short film Cybertech Episode 1 and the comic book series Cybertech.

His background in art and animation, he was self taught. Got hit with the animation bug when he was in kindergarten after being shown a flip book by his art teacher. He discovered he had a talent for drawing by the time he was 8 years old and he started drawing his own comic books by the age of 10. It had always been his dream to create cartoons and comics like the ones he grew up with in the 80s but the door to the art world was closed to him when he could not get the money to pay for school then he battled with self doubt and depression in his early 20s which lead to him losing most of his work up to that point. However his love for art and animation would not go away. He continued to work on his art as a hobby while working regular jobs until July 2015, he completed his first ever animated film. It was a 3 1/2 year labor of love that went farther than he could ever imagine. 2016, which will forever be known as the greatest year of his life. In May of that year, 2 days before his hometown city of Cleveland won it’s first NBA Championship, Shawnime got his first recognition for his animation talent when his film won an award at the IndieFest. It was his first trophy he ever won. Then over the next couple of weeks. It was just one award after another. The best being his award for Best Animated Short at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Award. He got to fly out to LA and be apart of a Red Carpet event. By the time that year was over he had earned 4 trophies for his film. He has since continued the Cybertech series as a comic book. With six issues out and He is now currently working on the 7th thru 9th issues of the comic book series with plans to animate the sequel to Cybertech Episode one in the coming year.

Shawnime’s work can be found at

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