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Shaun K. Thornhill


Shaun K. Thornhill

Shaun K. Thornhill - Author (The Nathmaria ChroniclesThe Arcane Investigators Series)

Shaun K. Thornhill is an author and former sweet potato farmer who has also cultivated a lifelong love of storytelling.  A native Louisianan, he has lived in every corner of the state, and also had brief tenure in New York City.  He has a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Masters of Arts degree in Christian education. He previously worked as a youth minister and currently serves in his church as music minister and Sunday school teacher. 

Thornhill is also a gun collector, active role-player, home improvement specialist, and armchair historian who enjoys building his own computers. 

His first novel in The Nathmaria Chronicles, Birth of Legends, marks a twenty year journey from idea to completed work. Years of playing and moderating tabletop role playing games led Thornhill to develop a world and characters that function much like the games he enjoyed playing while telling an adventurous tale. Murder in the Dust, delves into the same world but in a different way, the fantasy/steampunk detective CSI team aiding small law enforcement agencies who cannot do for themselves. He enjoys reading fantasy, science fiction, mysteries, and political commentary. 

Thornhill lives on a small homestead with his wife and their seven children and is currently finishing multiple novels for both adult and young adult readers set in the land of Nathmaria.

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