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Sean Tate

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Sean Tate

Sean Tate was born in North Philadelphia 1983 to an extremely creative family. Under the influence of creativity Sean had no choice but to pick up a career in the arts. After graduating form North East high school in 2001 he continued his education at The Art Institute of Philadelphia. It was there he earned his bachelors degree in Media Arts and Animation in 2007.

Sean Tate started his career in art very young, when he turned 19 he was already teaching art classes at Gibson Music & Arts School. In his last year of college he did internships with Nickelodeon and MTV working on cartoons such as Speed Racer X, Kung Fu Academy, and Threes Delivery.

In 2009 Sean Tate produce his first animated commercial for Run DMC daughters shoe company called Pastry Pop Stars, which aired on Nickelodeon. In 2011 he produce a children book for NFL athlete D’Brickashaw Ferguson from the Jets. Today Sean works for a company called Ground Up Studios an independent company that produces cartoons and comics. He is also still teaching and doing freelance work for companies.

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