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Sean Hoade

Author Fiction Coach Writer

Sean Hoade

Sean Hoade is a fiction coach and the author of 15 novels (under his name or as "Hugo Navikov") and two nonfiction books. He has written thrillers, literary novels, horror, and Penny Dreadful novelettes. He taught creative writing at the university level for almost a decade, and his videoconferencing writing workshops help guide writers from around the world. He is a Buddy Holly fanatic and has written two books about the singer and blogs at He lives in Las Vegas.

Sean is always eager to hear from readers and other writers, or just people who want to talk about cool stuff. He is easily found and friended on Facebook (, always saying strange things on Twitter (@SeanHoade), and at all hours welcomes email at has resources for writers, huge sample chunks of his currently released books—with links to buy, of course—and an updated list of free YouTube videos. In-depth talks on writing; interviews on video and radio; and panels at different conventions at which Sean has been a guest—all are available and will only grow as more cool things take place. He blogs about life, fiction writing, and pop culture at Sean Hoade Brings You the World’s Greatest Blog in the World!

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