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Saturday AM

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Saturday AM

Frederick L. Jones - Former Videogame Executive and founder, publisher of Saturday AM, the World's MOST DIVERSE Shonen Manga anthology. He is also the creator of CLOCK STRIKER and MMWOG.

WHYT MANGA - Acclaimed Nigerian creator of APPLE BLACK, one of the most popular independent Manga in the world. He is also a co-founder of Saturday AM.

MARK REID - Creator of Z FOREVER, our popular Christian-themed action manga.

BLAKE SHOWERS - Creator of the 4th Strikes Webcomic and of the upcoming Saturday AM exclusive series, TORTUGA FORCE 5.

DAVID YOON - Creator of the long-running Saturday AM webcomic, SPOON.

LUQMAN OTUTULORO - Creator of the new series, BOI (aka Better Off Ignorant).


  • PITCH SESSIONS - Saturday AM's popular online critique shows on YOUTUBE are coming to WIZARD WORLD PHILLY. Want brutally honest, informative, and fun feedback? Bring your portfolios and present them to us.
  • COMIC DRAW presents: Whyt Manga ART TIPS - The popular artist of Saturday AM's APPLE BLACK and star of the HIT Youtube channel, Whyt Manga TV - will use his iPad Pro to showcase three of his most requested tips and will answer any questions from the audience.
  • DIVERSITY IN MANGA - Saturday AM presents a popular showcase of manga's history and its' increasing popularity despite a glaring lack of diversity. We show you WHY DIVERSITY can help you tell better stories and HOW to do it. A lively discussion for everyone!
  • Saturday AM presents: FIRE ART LEAGUE BATTLE - Get the first glimpse of our upcoming ART LEAGUE as two Saturday AM artists go Mano-A-Mano with a set time limit to produce the BEST FAN ART (one person on traditional paper and another on an iPad)! FUN FOR EVERYONE - audience participation and prizes are included! 
  • ECONOMICS OF COMICS AND MANGA - Want to create your own comics? Not sure about finding an artist? Need a printer? Want to find the cheapest supplies? Concerned about marketing? Saturday AM has a unique presentation on how to successfully create your own comics while on a budget.


Artists - Fredrick L Jones, Morganne Walker,Jaime Molina, David Yoon

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