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Saturday AM

Saturday AM guest artists:

  • Andrea Voros (creator of SAIGAMI). The Hungarian creator is one of the original artists for Saturday AM joining with issue #4. Her fantasy series, SAIGAMI, is part shojo-part shonen and has delighted fans in 2 graphic novels thus far with a third on the way.

  • JeyOdin (creator of HAMMER). This artist joined Saturday AM recently and has been a juggernaut ever since. Not surprising considering that his background consists of time at SCAD, work with Antarctic Press, and a new work coming soon from Oni Press. His 1st graphic novel is soon to be published by Saturday AM.

  • Morganne Walker (creator of SOUL BEAT). Architect by day, artist superheroine at night - Morganne broke through with her first effort SOUL BEAT in 2017 after a successful debut in Saturday AM’s new artist showcase - #summerofmanga.

  • Anthony Jackson & Berat Ljumani (creators of MUTTON CHOP). These two young men are insane. How else do you describe a series about a country bumpkin sheep named MUTTON CHOP, who is incredibly strong - even if he doesn’t realize it. Their first volume will be available for purchase at the show.

  • Tony Dawkins (creator of TITAN KING). This artist of our 1980’s inspired BIG MONSTERS SMACKDOWN title, TITAN KING. Tony has been associated with Saturday AM but has recently become a fan-favorite. His first graphic novel will hit in 2019.


    • DIVERSITY IN MANGA: Saturday AM’s founder Frederick L. Jones brings his popular discussion about the importance of fresh ideas to anime and manga and how new perspectives can prove financially rewarding to creators, publishers, and the industry.

    • COMIC DRAW presents: HOW TO DRAW MANGA TUTORIAL: JEYODIN walks observers through how he creates manga on an iPad and some tips to create that unique manga look.

    • Saturday AM presents: HOW TO CREATE FAN ART: ANDREA VOROS brings her popular Instagram fan art to WW Chicago and will show how she draws some of your favorite characters!

    • COMIC DRAW presents: FIRE ART LEAGUE COMPETITION: Join us for a Friday / Saturday / Sunday mini event. Can you draw the coolest fan art? Compete against a host of Saturday AM creators AND other attendees for a chance to win a prize package from Saturday AM! Are you the HOTTEST ARTIST in Chicago?

    • SATURDAY AM presents PITCH SESSION LIVE: Our popular YOUTUBE show is now LIVE with American Idol style feedback and commentary on new artists pitching their comic ideas.

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