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Samuel Bazdresch

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Samuel Bazdresch

I'm a St. Louis based artist and graduate of the MFA program at Fontbonne University. I make representational narrative oil Paintings. I chose to depict the contradictory natures of attraction and repulsion using my personal brand of humor, with imagery from fantasy, mythology, and horror genres.

I live with my wife Millicent, our children Hailey and Sam, jr., our dog Gaston, and two sybling cats Lex and Layla. I have worked as a chef, and hold two ASS degrees (culinary arts and baking and pastry arts) that helped me work my way through my time as a university student, and build my career as an artist. My passion for art has been a long standing one since early childhood.

I moved around the St. Louis area growing up, spending my most formative years in Kirkwood. I still enjoy cooking and baking at home, have a hobby as an amateur blacksmith, and do some fiction writing in my free time (what little there is).

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