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Samantha Newark

Samantha Newark

With a wildly loyal global cult following for her voice-over work as "Jem" and "Jerrica" in the cartoon classic "Jem and the Holograms" Samantha is also a part of the iconic Hasbro brand "Transformers" with guest-starring roles on the original cartoon series as "Ariel", "Elise Presser" and "The Zamajon Empress". She can be heard as the gentle British voice of Peter Pan's mother in the classic Steven Spielberg's feature film "Hook" and starred in the campy horror flick Summer Camp Nightmare with Chuck Conners as rebel camper Debbie. In the late 2000's Samantha was invited into the prestigious Leonard Cohen circle as a back-up singer and went on to tour extensively as a back up singer with the stadium worthy "Bricks in the Wall" belting out the Sights and Sounds of Pink Floyd. Her original music and stellar vocals can be heard on many block buster game titles such as God of War, Twisted Metal black and Wild Arms 3, Anime movie soundtracks like Project AKO and hit TV shows such as Smallville, Gossip Girl, The Ellen Show and the Kardashian franchise and more. Samantha lent her voice work to the up coming animated short film HG Chicken starring Bobcat Goldthwait, the same animation team that brought Pound Dogs the animated festival favorite to the screen. She also can be heard narrating the audio book "Square Zair Pair" a LGBT friendly children's book from author Jase Peeples. Currently based out of Nashville TN Samantha has written and recorded 3 solo Pop/electronica albums. Her latest album "HOLOGRAM" is a love letter and a shout-out to her ever loyal Jem fans!

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HOLOGRAM Brand new album available now 


Jem and the Holograms

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