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Wand Woman - Rochelle Cunningham

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Wand Woman - Rochelle Cunningham

Rochelle Cunningham is published author, woodworker, and communication enthusiast, holding multiple degrees in Communication, Mediation, and Journalism from BSU and the U of O. She derives her love of woodworking and story telling from her Irish, carpenter father. What started as opportunities to sell her books, accompanied by her hand-crafted wooden pens, quickly turned to requests for wands. Discovering a wide and varied interest for these treasures, she now stays busy most every evening and weekend keeping up with inventory demands. Rochelle is pleased to share her crafts with others, but moreover, she appreciates the ability to re-purpose old wood with a second life, and send it out into the world on a new mission!

Be sure to like her Facebook Page @ And for more details on her wood-working journey and publications, please visit her website

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