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Roberto Yun Rodriguez

Roberto Yun Rodriguez

Roberto has always had a passion for drawing and animation. He attended and graduated with a BFA in animation from the Savannah College of Art and Design. After graduation he began his career at a game studio called Brainiac studios, where he helped design pixel art for an MMORPG the studio was developing. Afterwards, he then moved to South Korea to continue to pursue his career as an animator.

But it was here where he received an MFA in Digital Animation at Hong Ik University in Seoul.

While working to get his Master's degree, Roberto began working at a small animation studio called Studio B where he worked on preproduction as well as animation at the studio. He also shadowed his producer as an English translator and presenter at animation trade events like SICAF and BCWW to promote and sell the studio's work.

From there, Roberto then moved on to work at Digital Emation, a studio renowned for working on outsourced material. At this studio, Roberto worked on a number of shows such as Family Guy, Gravity Falls, Scooby Doo, Venture Brothers and more.

Roberto has taught animation at Westwood College in its Graphic Design program for three years and is currently a contract animator, and is occasionally asked to work at production studios or agencies such as Floyd County (known for Archer), or Melt.


Digital Animation

Family Guy

Venture Brothers

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