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Riley S. Brown

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Riley S. Brown

Riley S. Brown has, for the last four years, been working on several new projects for Wunderlannd Press Publishing. As a publisher and novelist, he has written ten novels, published twelve novels, and has been on convention tours and book signings since 2011.

Riley was a Baltimore City School teacher for eight years and moved back to Murfreesboro, Tennessee in 2015, where he resides now with his son, Clover. He has a Bachelor’s degree in English, as well as a Master’s in Education and a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing for the Entertainment Industry.

Riley has multiple novels series: The Chronicles of Ar Solon, The Wunderlannd Novels, A Young Gentleman’s Romance Novel, a Man’s Romance Novel, and A Zombie Survival School Seriesthat he started in 2016.

His last two novels, under the pen name Titus Strong, are A Christmas Love Story (Horror, 2016) and How Santa Ate My Cookies (Erotic Fiction, 2018). He is presently writing his 11ththrough 14thnovels for multiple series at the same time.

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