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Rick Magyar


Rick Magyar

RICK MAGYAR began professional comic work in 1981 inking backgrounds on Rom: Spaceknight, Defenders, Iron Man and Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man for Marvel Comics and graduated to inking within a year. DC Comics work included Arak, Son of Thunder, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Omega Men, Vigilante and The Question. 

Notable runs on the first Maze Agency series for Comico, Star Wars: Darth Maul, Alien 3 and Predator for Dark Horse Comics; The Lone Ranger & Tonto, Dracula vs. Zorro and X-Files for Topps Comics. Assistant art director/art director at CrossGen Comics included inking Crux and Solus series. 

Also runs in the 2000s on Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America, New Avengers, Great Lakes Avengers, She-Hulk, Disney Kingdoms' Seekers of the Weird and George Romero's Empire of the Dead, among others.

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