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Richard Rankin

Richard Rankin


Whiskey Tasting with Richard Rankin

What's better than Whiskey Tasting tour with a true Scotsman? Join Richard Rankin best known as Roger Wakefield MacKenzie on the hit show Outlander on a private tour of the Cleveland Distillery and whiskey tasting. There will be whiskey drinking, selfies with you and Richard, finger foods and tons of fun. Take a tour of the most “Innovative Distillery of the Year” (Berlin International Spirits Competition). Find out what Cleveland Whiskey does to set themselves apart from the rest of the industry. Taste some of the unique spirits that Cleveland Whiskey has out on the market.

This includes a full tour and 3-4 samples of different types of our bourbons and full cocktail that you can enjoy with Richard at the end!

Please arrive at Cleveland Distillery BY 6:45 pm the event will start at 7pm
on Saturday, March 9th. This event will run approx. 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours. Ages 21 and up event.

Cleveland Whiskey
1768 E 25th St
Cleveland, Ohio 44114

PRICE: $399.99, limited to 30 people
DATE: Saturday, March 9
TIME: 7:00PM

Escape Room with Richard Rankin
Ever dreamed about being locked in a room with Richard Rankin? Don't we all right? Well now here is your chance! Richard will be doing an escape room in Cleveland, Oh and you can be in on the action. ONLY 10 spots. Solve the puzzles and have some fun in the process! A selfie with you and Richard and a group photo of success (or failure) are included. These are fun and challenging but not "scary" escape room!

Description of the room: Labyrinth
Legend speaks of the edge of the world, a place only the gods have seen, where eternal life can be obtained. After years of searching, you have come this close, yet the Labyrinth stands in your way. Solve its puzzles and progress to the Tree of Life, or run out of time and be trapped in the maze forever. video:

Trapped Escape Room in Middleburg Heights 6749 Eastland Road Middleburg, OH 44130 (Please note there is MORE than one location of Trapped...please go to the Middleburg Heights location)...

PRICE: $299 a person (only 10 spots are available)
DATE: Friday, March 8th


Richard was born in Rutherglen, Glasgow, on 4 January 1983, his birth name actually being Richard Harris. It was changed to Rankin, his mother's maiden name, to avoid any confusion with the famous Irish actor. Initially wanting to be an IT professional, he was inspired by a trip to Los Angeles at the age of 21 to train as an actor the following year.

Richard first attracted attention in the Scottish comedy series 'Burnistoun', shown regionally, and toured worldwide in the Olivier Award winning play, 'Black Watch', for the National Theatre of Scotland. It was his iconic role as Capt. Thomas Gillan in 'The Crimson Field' that led to other strong performances on national television such as, 'Silent Witness', 'The Syndicate', 'From Darkness', and 'Thirteen' for the BBC. In 2016, Richard will make his debut as the pivotal character of Roger Wakefield in the STARZ/Sony epic production, 'Outlander', a role that will showcase his tremendous emotional power as an actor to an international audience.



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