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RealBreakingNate an entertainer and YouTube personality from Indianapolis, Indiana has been creating content since 2014! Nate has a fan boy for all things geeky but really enjoys sharing his love for Pokémon more than any other fandom! RealBreakingNate has created a community for all ages across the world called the PokéFam Nation where he promotes positivity and fun through Pokémon! With over 6 million views there is no slowing down for RealBreakingNate. He hopes to spread his positivity and fun even further by working with anti-bullying campaigns and local pet charities, after all pets are the closest to Pokémon we will ever have. RealBreakingNate always finishes off his videos with his motto Peace, Love, and a High Five because in this world we need more peace, learn to love one and other, and give high fives to remind us life is fun! It the littles things that can make the biggest change!

Make sure to check RealBreakingNate out at or on any social-media by simply searching RealBreakingNate.

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