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Rawry & Pohly


Rawry & Pohly

A Geek Couple, their Teddy Bears, & Art.

Because the walls of your world should never be boring.

Rawry & Pohly is a super fun, caffeine fueled entrepreneurial art endeavour named after two teddy bears for the professional and creative side of being an entrepreneur.

(Rawry is the serious bear & Pohly is the whimsical bear)

One of our biggest challenges is doing this as a couple (Yikes!) And as we do this together with our birds Kiwi (Green Cheek Conure), and Lychee (Budgie), we want to share our journey in a sleep deprived tumblr blog so that future entrepreneurs, crazy risk takers, & teddy bears, can learn from our mistakes or laugh at our trials. <-no "h" in Pohly for this address

Upcoming Shows for Rawry & Pohly