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Liz Prugh and Lindi Smith,

Liz Prugh and Lindi Smith are pop culture personalities and real-life best friends.They started a blog on supernatural TV shows in 2012, which was noticed by Entertainment Weekly (EW.) EW recruited them to help launch their fan-blog, EW Community, where Liz and Lindi remained top contributors for over two years. Liz and Lindi became authors for EW, recapping supernatural and sci-fi television shows. During this time they also contributed to AOL’s and Time Inc.’s HelloGiggles.

After this success, Liz and Lindi decided to expand and grow their blog, rebranding to in January of 2016. The website now has a team of regular contributors, both with content and podcasts, from all over the world. They have formed relationships with major networks like NBC/Syfy, SPIKE, MTV and cover shows mainly in the supernatural/sci-fi/fantasy genre.

Liz and Lindi have also served as comic con hosts and moderators at conventions across the country for the past three years. They are proud geeks and love being a part of positive, community-based fandoms. They both reside in Indianapolis, IN.


Lindi Smith and Liz Prugh

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