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PescEffects - The Art of Jerry Pesce

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PescEffects - The Art of Jerry Pesce

Welcome to the world of PescEffects. A place of Fandoms and fun, sprinkled with the dark and spooky. Jerry Pesce began drawing at the age of 5, sketching monsters and comic book Villains anytime he could. He pursued his love of art clear through college, taking classes and honing his skills. Jerry is now a full-time freelance Artist, putting his unique spin on each piece he creates. His art spans all genres; Comics, Pop Culture, Horror, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Gaming, Animation and MORE.

As you look through his portfolio of 300+ pieces, you are sure to find scenes and characters that you know and love. His Art style, filled with color and tone, is influenced by his previous career of 20+ years in the Rock and Roll industry as a Lighting Director. He has become a staple at Comic Cons all across the country and in addition to his Art, is known and quickly recognized by his set up which includes a lightshow of color, an experience in itself. A trailblazer in the Metal Art industry, he is sought out for the vast offerings of his Art available as Limited Edition Metal Prints. Hundreds of his pieces have been signed by Celebrities, creating One of a Kind Collectibles. If you're looking for something different, something extraordinary, PescEffects- The Art of Jerry Pesce is your one stop shop for selection and exceptional quality. See you at the show!

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