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Patrick Buermeyer

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Patrick Buermeyer

Patrick Buermeyer, born in the little college town of Madison WI in the June 1991, found his way to another small college town, Corvallis OR, where he attended Oregon State University and graduated in 2013 with Bachelors of science in visual art. He spends most of his time in his own head. Using art, Patrick attempts to share some of that headspace with others. Patrick has always-enjoyed story telling, coupled that with his study of art, sequential art was the nature progression. Patrick has been working in comics, character design and illustration since graduating in 2015. His work as been featured in several self published titles through kickstarters, including Crystal’s Odyssey, Dream State Radicals and others as well as featured in several anthologies such as Chronicles of Terror, Tales from Orbit and The Vast Expanse. He currently is working on several projects including Tor, an upcoming short film and graphic novel with Daniel Pellegrino, and as an illustrator and sequential artist for Dark Tidings Press with writer Kris Jerome. Patrick makes his home in Corvallis Oregon with a small, grouchy bulldog name Jake. When he isn’t drawing he can be found running around with a frisbee or playing nerd games with the same three friends he has been gaming with since middle school.

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