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No Face Cosplay

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No Face Cosplay

"Cosplayer and hopeless fangirl, No Face specializes in bringing anime characters to life. Her first “grown-up job” was as a clerk in a comic book and game store, where she fell in love with every geeky thing in the world, and spent her days steeped in Batman and Sandman, Miyazaki movies and obscure tabletop RPGS. She’s always had one foot in the world of imagination, until she discovered cosplay, a way to jump into that world, head-first.


No Face’s roots are in fiction and storytelling, so she likes to approach cosplay as a study of character, seeking to draw out the “heart” of whoever she cosplays through humor and creative props. She has been cosplaying and attending conventions since 2014, and has created more than twenty cosplays, including Noragami’s Bishamon, Girl-Gajeel (the Iron Maiden), Ciel Phantomhive, General Esdeath, and Daredevil. She has been on panels covering a wide variety of topics, ranging from how to select and care for a cosplay wig, to a structured debate over who would win in a battle between Naruto characters. She loves to perform, support other cosplayers, and pick people’s brains about their fandoms.  You can join her in fangirl meltdowns at @noface_cosplay on Instagram and at her blog,"


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