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My Geekery


My Geekery

My Geekery was created in 2013 as a one-stop shop to "Clothe Your Inner Geek". Since then, our artists have crafted a slew of fandom-loving t-shirts, posters, decals, and more, and worked with folks to make custom designs that suit their geeky needs and then some. We're currently located in central Ohio, but we trek to conventions in galaxies near and far, far away with our fare, and have a blast doing it.

Our dream is to keep plunging deeper into the community - to talk to and work with the cosplayers, the comic artists, the prop makers, the Trekkies and the Browncoats and the anime-lovers and everyone in between. The people like us, who come out of their shells when you start talking to them about the things they love and the fandoms that make them happy.

My Geekery was born under In Shining Armor Designs. ISA was founded in the summer of 2012 as an online t-shirt and vinyl decal company, but since its founding, its grown and given birth to My Geekery. In Shining Armor is where we put on our serious face; My Geekery is where we get to have fun!

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