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Moxy Lane

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Moxy Lane

Hi, I spend my days as a lab rat in the local hospital but my evenings are special cause that's when I get to play.

I like to crochet, knit, bead, cross stitch, embroider, paint, make jewelry and create with polymer clay, plastic canvas and felt. And, I just learned to sew. In short, I haven’t met a craft that I didn’t fall in love with. The only problem is – I still only have two hands. :) 

I am a huge sci-fi and Disney nerd and I love all things fantasy and anime related. I am inspired by works of Lisa Frank, Twinkie Chan, Aliyah’s amigurumi and Betsy Johnson because of their creativity and love of color.

I am also Master Gardener, instructor in fiber arts, vegetable grower, cosplayer, pigtail aficionado, idea hunter-gatherer, volunteer and all around good girl. Looking forward to meeting you soon!

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