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Misti Curry Art

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Misti Curry Art

Misti is a self-taught artist who works primarily with alcohol based markers and colored pencils, but also uses inks, watercolors, and acrylic paints. She considers herself to be heavily influenced by cartoons and comic books, emphasizing bold colors and thick outlines in her paintings and illustrations.  

Misti is a fan of comic books, horror films, and anything surreal and otherworldly. Her artwork draws inspiration from various sources, from the Bible to contemporary pop culture. The imagery of her art ranges from the dark and macabre to the whimsical and colorful; her portfolio is a diverse mix of styles and tones.  

Misti lives with her loving husband in Springfield, Illinois, the heart of the Midwest, although her art has been shown as far away as San Diego. When not at the easel, she enjoys following the insane antics of her six cats- there is never a boring day in her household. She hopes to revolutionise the regional art scene with her work, challenging the conservative perceptions of fine art.

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