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Missy Mayhem

Missy Mayhem

Missy Mayhem is an internationally travelled, award-winning cosplayer and viral content creator with over a decade of experience to her name. She's best recognized for her cosplays of Ryuko Matoi and Satsuki Kiryuin from Kill La Kill, as well as her undeniably Viral Goku cosplay from Dragon Ball Z, racking up 3.7 million views just on Facebook. With her affinity for entertainment, she's become a well-rounded industry professional having done work as a Magician's Assistant, and becoming a member of the International Brotherhood of Magician's. And during her time as a Professional Wrestler she's worked alongside greats such as the BoogeyMan, Teddy Long, and Scott Hall. Missy's work as an artist and entertainer has Industry giants: Square, Lyft, and Hot Import Nights (largest International touring life-style event and car show) among others, hiring her as amust-have-talent for their events. Last but not least, Missy is invited as a guest to leading pop culture events; using her experience and talent to educate and entertain through panels and workshops, and judge and host craftsmanship competitions. Highlights from over the years include Fan Expo Canada (3rd Largest Pop Culture convention in North America), Kameha-Con (InternationalDragon Ball fandom Convention), and AniMex (Monterrey, Mexico's Leading Anime Convention). Missy's believes that "All Nerds Deserve Love" and she's going to be the one giving it to them--to this day she states her greatest accomplishment has to be, promoting a loving and inviting atmosphere for any geek she meets!


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