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Mischief Managed 'Flying' Ford Anglia

Mischief Managed 'Flying' Ford Anglia

“Monty”, a 1967 Ford Anglia 105e, is a tribute to the Anglia’s that have been used in TV and Film over the decades. Often used as a background car or chase scene vehicle, Anglia’s had their first big film moment as the first vehicle to feature in a James Bond film, Ian Fleming’s 1962 Dr. No. In 2002, Anglia’s became a screen fandom icon as the ‘Flying’ Weasely car of in the Harry Potter books and films. While this Anglia has not seen screen time, it has been restored to its original color and enhanced with details that evoke the charm and humor of its various television and film moments.

A visit with ‘Monty” includes the opportunity to dress up with costumes and props for a fun photo op experience. This vehicle is part of the Magic in Gear collection. Magic in Gear celebrates the magic of classic television and movie inspired automobiles.

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