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Wonka's Marker Art

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Wonka's Marker Art

Mike Czerwonka is a artist from Southern Illinois who does drawings of super heroes, iconic people, movie themes and many more subjects. His father was a well known wildlife artist, but Mike didn't get into that subject matter growing up, but he always doodled.

Eight years ago he donated a kidney to a friend and while going through the weeks of healing at home and not being able to work Mike began drawing, people took an interest, so he began doing small craft shows which progressed to some art shows, leading into comic cons and music festivals.

Mike and his wife Ruth travel all around doing shows now. Mike said his first comic con in which he took part in was actually Wizard World in St. LOUIS in 2014. Every piece of art that he will be selling is an original work. All his art is done with permenent markers on stretched canvases of various sizes.

Upcoming Shows for Wonka's Marker Art