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Huy (Jack) Nguyen and Jack Le to Wizard World 2019

Techniques and processes:

We’ve made metal sculptures, such as sports, music, vehicles, insects, robots, and animals which are recycled from bike parts, car parts, and scraps metal such as gears, spark plugs, spokes, screws, bolts, connecting rods, and so on. All of the metal sculptures are welded and soldered by using Tig welders and propane tank and coated by Lacquer and Polyutherane which are not related to any toxic chemical.

All materials we have used are gathering or buying from body shops and are donated by people. Some special parts have been picked up at the Junk yards.

Before becoming the scrap metal art work, there are a few basic steps can be done:

Step 1) Creating idea & concept Every sculpture of scrap metal art begins with unlimited creative ideas. Some plastic toys or bionicles can be used as a prototype.

Step 2) To collect scrap metal things After get the idea & concept, we start to collect all of related scrap metal things such as scrap metal, spare part of old engine, etc. for our scrap metal art work.

Step 3) Start welding work When all related scrap metal things are ready, we start soldering and welding them into our design.

Step 4) Cleaning After completion, we clean the surface and coat with polyurethane or lacquer to protect from rust in the future.

The Price range is from $19-$595

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