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Marquis of Vaudeville

Marquis of Vaudeville

Having the ambitious wish to propel the entire world into a melodic
vortex, Marquis of Vaudeville emits an extraordinary sound that spirals
listeners on an utterly imaginative, musical merry-go-round. One never
knows what moodswung journey they’ll embark upon once these musical
highwaymen hijack their consciousness. With imagination at its core, the
theatrical flair and intriguing nature of their songwriting has grasped
the attention of music lovers from the most critical of music elitists to
the average radio listener. Although performing frequently at festivals
and pop culture fandom, goth/horror, & steampunk conventions, the musical
menagerie is widely known for their own extravagant Vaudevillian inspired
sold-out spectacles such as 'A Clockwork Wonderland: Through Aether &
Mysterium', 'Gadgets & Gobstoppers: The Twisted World of Wonka', and the
show that shares the grandiose title of their ambitious debut album "The
Great Promenade of Fools & Ghosts".

The group is known the world over for their progressive, carnival-esque,
punk-cabaret stylings, fusing timeworn elements of the old world with
newfangled innovation, and due to the music's mysterious, yet playful
nature, they have befittingly dubbed the style "melodic mischief". With a
new album ‘The Tragic Valentine’on the horizon, (Due out Halloween 2017)
Marquis of Vaudeville is setting the creative bar higher with this highly
anticipated release.   Internet and terrestrial radio such as Texas’
leading rock/alternative stations 97.1 The Eagle (Dallas), 102.1 The Edge
(Dallas), 94.5 The Buzz (Houston), as well as Boston Rock Radio, and The
Real Radio Show out of New York have embraced their music and featured
such songs as 'An Ordinary Day'; a theatrically twisted punk-cabaret
thrill and 'Corps of Night'; a rebellious rock anthem to lead the lost and
hearten the forgotten. MoV also performed in 2015 at 102.1 The Edge's
major music festival, Edgefest, with other artists such as DeathCab for
Cutie, Modest Mouse, and The Offspring. The act has composed and licensed
music for a variety of film projects & television shows such as the
syndicated series 'Charmed' & Showtime Network’s hit series 'Dexter'.
They've also been featured in such publications as Race Point Publishing's
book 'Anatomy of Steampunk' as well as 'Gearhearts Steampunk Glamor
Revue'. The group has been frequently showcased on various music
compilations such as ‘Rock Rage Radio’ and ‘Exploding in Sound’s “Bands
You Need to Know” with a glowing review stating: “This Dallas five piece
knows a thing or two about hypnotic and beautiful melodies. Marquis of
Vaudeville craft alternative rock gems that remain accessible while they
wander through space and time. Singer/guitarist Toby Lawhon’s voice
dazzles and dances with incredible talent that would make Ours’ Jimmy
Gnecco proud. With strong memorable songs, this is the music modern rock
radio should be getting familiar with.”
Doug Brod, former Editor for Spin Magazine had this to say of their
compelling music, "Venus to Vertigo and Bright Star Hope, that mix of
pleasant pop and hard-rock dynamics, this stuff is so slick and
well-constructed. Very impressive.”
Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls applauds the band with, "Ziggy meets
Marc Bolan outside Max's Kansas City. Makes me want to break out some
sequined leggings and spit on the sidewalk. Space-age modern-age glam
Alan Ayo of the Dallas Observer and a former DJ of 102.1 The Edge praises
the band's vibe stating, "Marquis of Vaudeville's self-titled debut is
ashrewd fusing of twinkly pop, gaze-at-the-stars vocals and melancholy
melody outlined with edgy, trenchant guitars... This is music to paint
your own mental picture while listening to — a healthy dose of rock 'n'
roll with a fair share of emotion, invention, and imagination."
Dan MacIntosh with speaks to the grandeur of the band’s
work in saying, “If you’re tired of the same old song & dance, Marquis of
Vaudeville readily provides a few unusual flavors to an otherwise bland
music world.”

Hate them, love them, they demand the world take notice, and desire to
incite something genuine, to inspire sincere emotion despite the world’s
mind numbing mediocrity and generic mass production. Marquis of Vaudeville
is a tantalizing flavor for even the most finicky musical appetite.

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