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LuxCups Creative

We bring the cute.

LuxCups may seem like a strange company name for jewelry and paper goods, but It originates from my original love of baking. I spent a number of years (in the beginning of the cupcake boom) baking, tasting and delivering delicious treats to my dear friends and family. While I enjoyed the entire process, it eventually became clear that a small apartment was no place for a big time baker. So the business evolved... and evolved... and then mutated.

And here we are! Handmade jewelry and paper goods showcasing my artwork, photography and love of all animals. The idea for most of my jewelry is a sweet twist on traditional taxidermy. The work varies based on my mood but eventually returns to my favorite subject matter, cute animals. 

My husband and I currently make everything by hand. We create the molds, pour the resin, paint, seal and photograph every item. We truly love hearing from the people who share a passion for fuzzy creatures and welcome custom orders. 

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