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Lee Bots Nancy Solbrig

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Lee Bots Nancy Solbrig

Lee bots, are handmade robot sculptures. Made by me, Nancy Solbrig.  I’m an artist located in Rock Island, Illinois. These bots have been a passion of mine for the past three years. Each bots is handcrafted out of a wide range of discarded electronics, tins, and building materials. Many bots getting their parts from computers, printers, and electrical conduit that was once on its way to the trash. All the different parts get collected, deconstructed and added to my vast piles of parts. Each bot is then assembled using a wide range of parts. Vacuum tubes from the 50's can be paired with USB ports from the 90's. Old electrical fuses from the 60's can get joined together with buttons from a modern day video game controller. The possibility are endless when you have a garage full of parts and a passion for giving discarded junk new life, with attitude. To date, there are more than 800 Lee Bots out in the world. Safely, in their new homes, far from the threat of being in the trash.





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