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Kevlen Goodner

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Kevlen Goodner

Kevlen Goodner (The Illest-Strator) is a highly skilled sequential storyteller, and technically gifted draftsman. His ability to capture gestures, along with his eye for rendering detailed human anatomy are evident in all of his work. Kevlen is a supportive teacher of illustration, with a student list that includes both professionals and those aspiring to achieve varied artistic goals. Currently the Cheif Creative ArtWorld Media Group. Kevlen is also -Co-founder EUREKA! COMIC LABS, -Attilan Studios, and -Heavy Black Design Group. A comic convention veteran who entertains, and educates his growing fanbase. He's freelance Illustrator with clients like Louisville Magazine, Louisville Public Library, Bloat Games, Paranoid American publishing, Oldham County Public Library, and more. Kevlen brings his infectious positivity to all of his varied projects! A captivating motivational speaker with years of experience in front of audiences, both large, and small, Kevlen is available for booking around the world.

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